Ausdance VIC VCE VET Dance students at Industry Day 2023

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The Ausdance VIC RTO (20949) has been leading dance education in Victoria for over 22 years. We design partnerships specifically for secondary schools and dance studios across the country who wish to deliver nationally-accredited qualifications without the hassle of managing an RTO.

Big Dance Education Resource

The Big Dance Education Resource offers students unique insight into Contemporary Aboriginal dance and culture. Developed by Ausdance VIC/NSW, the education resource builds on the themes, stories and issues that lay within the choreography of Big Dance [BIG HEART STORY].

Big Dance 2018 NAISDA Developing Artist. Credit: Jamie James
Supercharged! Incursion

Supercharged! Incursion

Our Supercharged! incursion brings highly experienced, specialist dance teachers to your primary school for a fun, stimulating and energetic dance making activity. Your students will develop an understanding of dance elements and discover the fun and power of dance!

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News & Media

After more than 13 years of dedication and innovation at Ausdance VIC, we bid farewell to our esteemed Director of Education and Lifelong Learning, Dr. Katrina Rank. ...
Minister for the Arts Tony Burke speaking on the National Cultural Policy
Ausdance National were invited to represent dance at the Enquiry into the National Cultural Policy in July. ...
Michelle Silby
After eight years of steadfast leadership, Ausdance VIC Executive Director Michelle Silby has decided to step down from her role with the organisation. ...