Our vision is to be the leading force in dance education and learning in Victoria. Through advocacy, education, training, and representation, we empower dance students, educators, artists, choreographers, and organisations — creating a future where every dancer can flourish. We support the evolution of dance and have the courage to think in decades, not days.

As the Peak Body for dance in Victoria, Ausdance VIC wants to see the following outcomes:

  • a First Peoples lens shaping all aspects of Ausdance VIC policy, strategy and programs;
  • dance and the dance sector thrive in remote, rural, and metropolitan areas of Victoria;
  • all Victorians have access to participate in, and engage with, dance;
  • greater diversity and inclusion in dance; a range of people, places, and practice across the state engaging in dance as a career and/or for creative, recreational, and health purposes.


We develop inclusive education, training and professional development programs that create sustainable career pathways and meaningful industry partnerships. We shape policies that nurture lifelong learning and connect communities.

Ausdance VIC will continue to provide high-level strategic advice and vision for the sector. Ausdance VIC supports individuals, companies, and organisations in a coherent ecology of arts services, enabling its members and partners to flourish, creating connections and opportunities to increase the capacity of the sector, and delivering activities for, and in, communities across Victoria.

The organisation works across all levels of dance practice to promote creativity, health, lifelong learning/engagement, and social well-being agendas, contributing to the wider community’s physical, mental, social, and economic wellbeing.

Image of a dance sitting on the ground with her palms facing up. In the background a dancer is bending over backwards with one arm wrapped around her body.
“Tides of Time”, QL2 – AYDF 2022. Choreography by Stephan and Lilah Gow. Image by James Thomas


  1. Our Members are engaged and well-supported
  2. Support and development of the dance sector to build resilience, capacity, and capability.
  3. To work for the benefit of all Victorians
  4. Sustainably grow the Ausdance VIC Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  5. Building Ausdance VIC’s organisational capacity