Victorian Dance Census: Help shape the future of dance

You’re invited to take part in the Victorian Dance Census.

The Victorian Dance Census is designed to form a clear picture of the state of the sector, and identify the services and support needed most. The census asks a variety of questions on involvement with dance, attitudes, experiences, and employment. The information collected will inform our advocacy agenda and influence the education programs we provide.

Everyone who engages with dance, from social dancers and students, through to professional artists and business owners, is encouraged to get involved.

Insights from the census will be released in a State of the Sector report which will help drive important conversations within the dance community.

The census is anonymous and questions are not mandatory. Data will only ever be presented in aggregate form. It will take approximately nine minutes to complete.


Make Your Voice Heard

Images courtesy of Djirri Djirri, Dominic Steele, Robert Wagner, City Sessions, AYDF,  Mel Faull (Get Snapt), Gülsen Özer,  Jamie James