Combined lobbying pays off for the Dance Studio Sector

The combined efforts of the Dance studio sector and Ausdance Vic has come to fruition. As per the information on DHHS website on easing of restrictions for sport and exercise from 11:59pm on 21 June:

  • Indoor sport and recreation activities can resume and play centres can open
  • Maximum 20 people per space or zone
  • 10 people per group class
  • No limits on number of people or group if all participants are 18 years old or under 18
  • Non-contact competitions can resume for all ages

For more information on the planned easing of restrictions, visit the Department of Health’s website:

The work included:

  • Letter to the Health Minister, Communications with DJPR, DPC and Federal Ministers by Ausdance Vic 
  • Ongoing activation by Dance Studio Owners including a meeting with Premier and Cabinet
  • A petition by Dance teachers of Melbourne and 
  • Individual letters to State Representatives. 

While there is lot more work to be done, we are thankful to see this progress. We are grateful to everyone who came together to make this happen.  Together we are stronger!