April updates

  • Ausdance was a signatory to an open letter to Minister Paul Fletcher along with other org’s
  • Ausdance also attended a meeting with Senator Sarah Hanson Young alongside other peak organisation colleagues
  • Ausdance is advocating – along with other peak arts organisations – for an arts-specific funding package. ‘Live an entire day without benefiting from the work of actors, directors, musicians, writers, dancers, choreographers, designers, developers and animators who, largely freelancers, contribute to a vibrant Australian society.’ ‘A day without art? Movies? Music? Try it … then write to PM’
  • Ausdance National calls for a significant increase in the Australia Council’s budget. Following the recent announcement by the Australia Council of its four-year funding grants, Ausdance National is pleased to note that eight dance companies have been successful, providing them with some surety for the next four years. Five other dance companies have received transitional funding for a year, but now hang by a thread, their losses merely delayed as they face an unsustainable extension of life. Many other applicants did not make it into final considerations. That the Australia Council was forced to spread available funding so thinly demonstrates the extremely serious diminution of vital dance infrastructure in this country, evidence that more arts funding is required if dance is to remain a viable industry within the wider cultural sector.