Update: Easing COVIDSafe Restrictions

Today our state is united once more in dance and restriction levels.

2 key points to remember for rehearsals, classes and the start of Term 3:

  1. A lower density requirement of 1 per 2sqm only applies if you have a COVID Check-in Marshall, otherwise 1 per 4sqm applies. A Check-in Marshall is a responsible person at the entrance checking and assisting with QR codes.
  2. Masks can and should be worn during classes and rehearsals outside of periods of exertion. For example, stretching, warm up, cool down and individual down-time during rehearsals.

Across our state for dance:

  • 1 per 4sqm density quotient, or 1 per 2sqm with a Check-in Marshall
  • Max 300 people per space (room)
  • Max group 50 people- applies to adults and children

We extend our support to the dance community in NSW who are facing continued lockdown.

Register your business to use the Service Victoria QR code app: https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/register-to-use-vic…

Link for restriction table: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/while-risks-remain…

Please note: the DHHS and Coronavirus websites will be updated on Friday when restrictions come into effect.