My professional dance company runs classes for professional artists. Do we fall under physical recreational facilities in the latest Restricted Activity Directions?

You may. The latest RADs state that physical recreational facility is any of the following, whether operated on a for profit or not-for-profit basis:

(a)  a facility used predominantly for indoor sport or physical recreation; 

Examples: gymnasium, health club, fitness centre, yoga studio, pilates studio, barre studio, dance studio, spin facility, indoor basketball court, indoor climbing facility, squash court, table tennis centre. 

(k)  a creative arts facility.

 A creative arts facility includes:

  • an art studio;
  • a ceramics studio; 
  • a music room or studio; 
  • a rehearsal room or studio.

but does not include: 

  • a physical recreation facility; or 
  • a community facility

For further details, please go to the current Restricted Activity Directions, 18 (2) page 32.

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