Managing Covid-19

This page last updated 27 October 2021.

Below are resources to help you navigate the changing COVID environment.

Recording Staff Vaccination Status

Template and FAQ’s

The Victorian Government have provided a Template Document to record vaccination status. Note: You do not need to keep a digital or print copy of individual’s certificates on file, completing this register is sufficient.

You may want to use this register to record the vaccination status of enrolled students, or you can check the green tick when students check in.

We recommend reading the State Government’s FAQ’s to answer questions like;

  • What information should be recorded by employers?
  • What data and privacy requirements do employers need to meet?
  • I am an employer and I have an employee that won’t get vaccinated. What am I required to do?
  • I am an employer. What happens if I allow an unvaccinated worker on site to continue working?
  • Can a worker or business still access income or business support if they cannot work because they are not vaccinated?

COVID-Safe Plans

Principles and Checklists

COVID-Safe Plans are dynamic documents that should be reviewed regularly, and incorporate changes in the environment. Check the current Public Health Orders when reviewing your COVID-Safe Plan, and always consider your particular venue and situation. Dance is a higher-risk activity, due to studios being indoors, spaces may have limited access to fresh air and participants are engaging in strenuous activity. You may want to consider how you will include vaccination in your plan.

This matrix has been developed by DHHS to guide the management of workers who may have been exposed to COVID-10. Please integrate this into your COVID Safe plans in preparation for reopening.

Vaccination: Rights, Responsibilities and Obligations

In early October vaccinations were made mandatory for all Authorised Workers in Victoria. (Find out more about who this applies to in Dance here). The Victorian Government’s Roadmap to Reopening indicates that vaccination status will be linked to participation and access to venues and businesses in the short to medium term, what does this mean for you as an employer or an employee?

On 13 October The State Government updated the Information and FAQ’s for industry and workers required to be vaccinated. FAQ’s are towards the bottom of the page:

Fairwork are providing eligible employees and employers with independent legal advice to help deal with coronavirus-related workplace issues and have engaged law firms with specialist workplace experience to provide this free and confidential advice. This service is available if you need help with a current issue, not a hypothetical scenario. 

Recommendations for the Victorian Dance Sector

An evolving, regularly updated document including recommended approaches, checklists and templates

  • Refers to Victorian Government Restricted Activity Directions (RAD’s)
  • Recommendes approaches
  • Provides checklists
  • Provides communication templates
  • Provides links to relevant and useful sites and resources

*Please note that this is an evolving document and will be updated in line with the government guidelines.

Return to Dance Guidelines

National Guidelines for Return to Dance activities

Return to Dance Guidelines: Created by Ausdance, in consultation with the Ausdance Network, including Ausdance VIC. The national guidelines for Return to dance:

The Ausdance guidelines have been produced by Ausdance Qld in consultation with a wide cross-section of the dance community including BlakDance, companies, studies and independent artists, and Safe Work Australia. The guidelines directly reference the Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment developed by the Australian Institute of Sport. The Ausdance guidelines have received the endorsement of Dr David Hughes, Chief Medical Officer, Australian Institute of Sport Medical Director, Australian Olympic Team, Tokyo 2020.As the authors state, these guidelines are are about the ‘how’ not the ‘when’, which will depend entirely on your own State/Territory governments. It’s important to remember that they are intended for operation within State and Territory directives: they are not an exemption from these directives.

Victorian Industry Guidelines for Arts & Culture

Victorian Government guidelines, contributed to by Peak bodies including Ausdance VIC.

Many Peak bodies individually and collectively through Arts Industry Council Victoria (which includes Ausdance VIC) contributed to the Victorian Government guidelines for Arts and Culture. These guidelines include a range of FAQs, checklists and templates to assist performance venues and organisations, galleries, museums and libraries and to re-open safely and in accordance with current health advice and requirements.

Cleaning Dance Studio Floors & Equipment

Safety advice from manufacturers

To support the needs of dance studios, dance companies and performers, Ausdance VIC contacted major suppliers of dance floors in Australia to get safety advice for you. Please use the buttons below to access the cleaning and disinfecting advice provided by the manufacturers.

Show Works

Show Works is a leading supplier of Dance floors, Dance Equipment and Theatre Scenery. The comprehensive advice provided by ShowWorks covers the full range of ShowWorks studio products and is based on the Worksafe Australia cleaning protocols.

Harlequin Floors

The latest Covid details for cleaning procedures of the Harlequin Vinyls which thier chemists have concluded meet the Covid requirements for cleaning solutions. Harlequin have advised that bleach and other harsh chemicals are likely to damage your expensive floors, and recommend the range of Harlequin cleaning products and products that are PH neutral. Harlequin have stock of the cleaning products in their Sydney warehouse and had a container arrive early July with more stock to meet the demands of reopening studios. Harlequin will continue to bring more stock to Australia over the next 6 months to meet customer demand


Dance Floor by Transtage NSW

Dance Floor provided basic information on safe cleaning products, but have not developed COVID19 specific guidelines. They recommend with this disclaimer: Please understand that these are basic cleaning products for vinyl dance floors, we cannot provide any confirmation on its effectiveness against COVID-19.