Arts Grant: Emerging artists

The Ballarat Arts Foundation (BAF) Grants Program is an initiative of the Ballarat Arts Foundation Board to encourage and develop the aspirations and talents of emerging visual and performing artists who have lived, worked or studied in Ballarat. Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must live in (or have lived in) and/or have studied and practised their art (either currently or previously) within Ballarat and District, which is defined as the area covered by Ballarat City Council.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must have their application co-signed by a parent/legal guardian who will take responsibility for managing funds received.
  • A detailed breakdown of the budget necessary to complete the project must be shown. Two alternative quotes must be provided for ALL equipment, purchases, expenses and flights. 
  • Grants will not be awarded:
    • for ongoing tuition fees
    • to fund wages requested by applicants: expenses proposed by the artist to pay others who are instrumental to the application will be considered
    • for any project or purchase that has already occurred
  • Applicants must have satisfied the reporting and acquittal requirements of any Ballarat Arts Foundation funding received in the past. 
  • Previous grant recipients may apply for a second grant. Likewise, those who have been previously un-successful may apply for a new grant.
  • The Grants Committee appraises applications against a set of criteria and an interview process. Incomplete application forms will not be considered.

The BAF Grants Program is a competitive process. In some instances, successful applicants may not receive the full amount of funding sought. The BAF Board makes the final decision regarding all grant allocations. No correspondence regarding decisions will be entered into.

Applications close:  9 July 2021