Lockdown Lifts, Return to Dance

Today is a good day. Lockdown will be lifted at midnight and dancers can return to the studio tomorrow. This is a quicker return to dance than we have seen from previous lockdowns. We are encouraged that the Victorian Government has acted on our advocacy.

When returning to class please note:

  1. 1per 4sqm applies. Maximum group size of 10, plus a teacher or facilitator. Maximum 100 people in a space, density allowing.
  2. Masks are not required when engaging in strenuous exercise.
  3. Be vigilant in wearing of masks in waiting areas, and before and after classes. Masks should only be removed when absolutely necessary during strenuous exercise in class.
  4. Be vigilant with QR code check-ins for ALL, no matter how long or short the attendance, especially at drop-off and pick-up for the guardians of younger students.

The Premier has stated additional financial support will be announced by the Treasurer tomorrow.

Stay Safe and Return to Dance!