Next Stage of Roadmap brought forward

Once the Restricted Activity Directions for the next stage of the roadmap are signed by the Chief Health Officer we will have more detail and clarity.

Ausdance VIC is advocating for

  • Increased capacities for dance classes;
  • Access to free or subsidised Air Purifiers;
  • Clear information on future vaccination requirements for all ages in the dance sector.

Dance falls under Indoor Sports and Recreation

Dance and Dance studios are under the Sports and Recreation category of the Restricted Activity Directions.

Indicative Settings for Metropolitan Melbourne

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Indicative Settings for Regional Victoria

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Fully Vaccinated

What does Fully Vaccinated mean?  Information provided in the COVID-19 Vaccinated Activity Directions (current at 19/10/2021) states; all persons 12 years and older must have 2 doses of a COVID-19 Vaccine, or a medical exception, to access activities and services for fully vaccinated people.

“Fully vaccinated in relation to a person means a person who has received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or is an excepted person.

excepted person means a person:

(a) who is under 12 years of age; or

(b) has a medical contraindication, to receive a dose, or a further dose, of a COVID-19 vaccine;”

Information from the: COVID-19 Vaccinated Activities Directions no 3, Page 4

Sport Exercise and Physical Recreations Services sector guidance

Government supplied guidance for Physical Recreation (includes Dance Studios)- Includes resources for COVID-Safe Plans, Vaccination requirements, QR codes and more.

Authorised Workers and Vaccination

The State Government has updated the Information and FAQ’s for industry and workers required to be vaccinated. FAQ’s are towards the bottom of the page:

For Dance, Authorised workers include physical recreation workers, online broadcast from physical recreation facilities and Permitted Essential VCE Assessments at unit 3/4 level.

Fairwork are providing eligible employees and employers with independent legal advice to help deal with coronavirus-related workplace issues and have engaged law firms with specialist workplace experience to provide this free and confidential advice. This service is available if you need help with a current issue, not a hypothetical scenario.  Find out more: