Youth Dance Program

Young dancers (aged 14-25) immersed in five days of moving, creating, sharing and learning with their Australian and international counterparts. There were many magical moments with strangers from different continents creating movement and dancing together during the workshops and the International Exchange sharing.

With international facilitators leading amazing workshops including ‘Discovering Difference’ with Aparnaa Nagesh from India, ‘Static Equilibrium’ with Mette Møller Overgaard from Denmark, ‘Dancer Alertness, Focus & Engagement’ with Peter Gn from Singapore, and ‘Contemporary’ with Adam Rutherford from the UK. They were joined by Australian practitioners from all over the country.

Key Sessions


75-minute high energy dance explosions in a variety of styles

Program Facilitators:

  • Samuel Gaskin
  • Kim Adam (Transit Dance)
  • Jayden Hicks (Origins Dance Company)
  • Adam Rutherford( RDC, UK)
    & more ..


90-minute sessions that focus on deepening your understanding of specific skills related to dancing and dance-making

Program Facilitators:

  • Gerard Van Dyck
  • Jo Clancy (Wagana)
  • Joshua Lowe (Yellow Wheel)
  • Paul Malek (Transit Dance)
  • Michelle Forte (Austinmer Dance Theatre)
  • Antony Hamilton (Chunky Move)
  • Alice Lee Holland
    & more…


90-min to 2 hour sessions to collaborate and create with other young dancers from around Australia, and around the world. Engage your physical and creative energy to make your own dance ideas, together.

Program Facilitators:

  • Amber McCartney
  • Anna Kenrick (YDance Scotland)
  • Aparnaa Nagesh (High Kicks)
  • Cadi McCarthy (Catapult/Flipside)
  • Gabriel Comerford (Stompin)
  • Kyall Shanks
  • Mette Overgaard (Dansebryggeriet)
  • Peter Gn
  • Ruth Osborne (QL2)
    & more..

Youth-led and youth-focused forum.

With the next generation of leaders driving the conversation, all youth dancers were invited to ponder and reflect on their experiences which they then shared at the two Youth Dance forums.