COVID-19 Restriction Update

As of 11.59pm on 3 February…

Masks are mandatory in public indoor spaces, except when a lawful exemption applies. This includes indoor dance studio and rehearsal venues.

  • Masks do NOT have to be worn when engaging in strenuous exercise. This remains a lawful exemption.
  • Masks must be worn whenever possible. This includes when persons are engaging in low-impact activity- such as stretching.
  • Teachers must wear their masks unless a lawful exemption applies- for example if communicating with a Deaf or hard of hearing student or if the teacher is engaging in strenuous exercise alongside the students.

For more information on wearing a mask and exemptions, visit the State Government Coronavirus Website

For more information on restriction levels, visit the DHHS Website.

If you have further questions about how these restrictions apply to your individual situation please call the fantastic people at the DHHS Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

We will continue to keep you updated with changes and how they impact dance.