Creative Ageing Through Dance

Program Name

Creative Ageing through Dance


4 courses, recommended to complete in 6 months

Study Mode

Online and face-to-face

Program Fees

See each module for details

Entry Requirements

Minimum 5 years professional dance or teaching experience OR 5 year’s experience in a related healthcare/allied health field

Research shows that dance offers physical, mental, and social benefits to people of all ages, but while Australia’s population is ageing, most teaching practice in this area favours younger bodies. That’s why Ausdance VIC has created the Creative Ageing through Dance program: an industry-led training program of four courses is designed to upskill dance teachers, professional dancers, allied health professionals and healthcare workers, so they can safely teach and facilitate dance and expressive movement to older people.

The Creative Ageing through Dance program aims to:

  • Train a new workforce to deliver high quality dance and expressive movement activities for seniors and the elderly in a variety of contexts
  • Offer a range of entry points at different levels, acknowledging that people come to teaching and facilitating dance and expressive movement from a wide diversity of professional backgrounds and experiences
  • Provide high quality training which meets industry expectations
  • Provide learning that is meaningful, practical and challenging
  • Provide choice for participants – to enrol in non-accredited or accredited training, depending on learner needs and experience.
Who can undertake this qualification?

The Creative Ageing Through Dance program is aimed at professionals who have had a minimum of 5 years of either dance experience or professional healthcare/allied health experience. 

How is the program structured?

The Creative Ageing through Dance program is a progressive learning pathway structured over 4 courses. 

The Creative Ageing through Dance program is a progressive learning pathway structured over 4 courses. It begins with an open access introductory course and builds learners knowledge sequentially through a combination of face-to-face practical sessions, online training, tutoring and assessment

Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
Course 4

The Leading and Teaching Dance to Ageing Populations Report

The Leading and Teaching Dance to Ageing Populations Report recommends the following action by Ausdance VIC:

  • Scope other training opportunities for nationally recognised training, particularly in Victoria, the second largest provider of programs to older dancers in the country.
  • Work with stakeholders to develop and evaluate accredited training, in appropriate areas.
  • Establish partnerships with aged care providers and community dance providers to place and mentor dance artists as they learn to work with older dancers and older people new to dance
  • Work with a range of stakeholders to facilitate best practice in the delivery of dance opportunities for older people.

Move it or lose it! The message is clear. However, many people, find it difficult to maintain enthusiasm for ongoing exercise. A growing body of research now shows that dance can provide the motivation needed by blending creativity, social interaction, artistic goals and physical activity, with the bonus of very low attrition rates. But it’s serious business. People’s health and safety will be in the hands of their teachers. It’s important to ensure that Australia’s dance artists have the skills needed to work with our ageing population.

Katrina Rank, Director of Education and Lifelong Learning, Ausdance Vic

This is a landmark piece of work which will further inform our strategy, programs and training, particularly for people working in creative ageing contexts. We believe in mature adults having the opportunity to engage in fun, safe and enjoyable dance activities that provide social and health benefits. We will be aiming to provide training for a workforce fit to deliver these activities. These new skills will enable the current workforce to meet demand and take up new job opportunities.

Michelle Silby, Executive Director, Ausdance Vic