Our Vision

Ausdance VIC aims to continue to play a key role in being the leading dance agency in Victoria, providing high-level strategic advice and vision for the sector. Ausdance VIC supports individuals, companies and organisations in a coherent ecology of arts services and enables its members and partners to flourish, creating connections and opportunities to increase the capacity of the sector. The organisation works across all levels of dance practice to promote health, lifelong learning and social well-being agendas, all of which contribute to the wider community’s physical and economic health.

Our Mission

To create, support and promote opportunities for dance in Victoria, and invest in its ongoing development by:

  • Championing innovation, creativity and diversity in dance
  • Advocating and demonstrating high standards of professionalism in the dance industry
  • Mobilising cooperation in support of dance development (art form and sector)
  • Promoting dance creation, presentation and participation
  • Promoting the interaction of Victoria dance within the national and international arenas
  • Ensuring the stability and sustainability of the organisation

Goals & Priorities

  • Strengthen sector networks and access to resources
  • Improve capacity building and industry sustainability
  • Increase access, engagement and participation
  • Advocate for art form and sector development
  • Develop lifelong learning opportunities
  • Build Ausdance VIC’s organisational capacity and sustainability

Continued Support

Ausdance VIC will continue to provide artist support and art form development through:

  • Industry days for Certificate II students
  • Whole of sector industry day: to share information, network and build the capacity of the sector

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